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Archive of How To Invest and Save Money Articles
Inflation’s Impact on Social Security and Retirement
Keep in mind that, as your social security benefits increase, so does the cost of living and all of your other expenses, so review your budget accordingly.... more
How COVID Has Changed Year-End Car Buying
Supply chain issues due to COVID have changed year-end car buying, so make sure you research all of the options before purchasing a new or used vehicle.... more
The Importance of Writing a Will
Writing a will can help ensure that your appointed executor can transfer your assets to your chosen beneficiaries in a timely fashion.... more
The Ins and Outs of Probate
When making out a will or appointing an executor, It is important to understand how probate rules vary according to the size of a decedent’s estate and the state where you reside.... more
Things to Consider When Passing Real Estate on to Heirs
Whether by sale, through a trust, or by gift, consider the many options to transfer real estate to your heirs, but be sure to take into account the tax ramifications of each option.... more
What Is a Quitclaim and Does It Make Sense for You?
When looking at transferring real estate, quitclaim deeds may be a viable option, keeping in mind that they lack the warranty protections of traditional deeds.... more
What You Should Know before Choosing a Financial Advisor
Hiring a professional advisor can be essential to your financial planning, but make sure you understand how they are compensated before making this important decision.... more
Things You Should Know About the Child Tax Credit
Find out if you are eligible for advance payments of the Child Tax Credit, and what you may need to do if your income has changed significantly in the past year.... more
How Returning to Work after Retirement Could Impact Your Finances
Returning to or continuing to work while taking early Social Security benefits may impact the amount of your benefits and your tax liability.... more
What You Should Know about the Two Types of Mortgage Insurance
Make sure you understand the distinctions between private mortgage insurance and mortgage life insurance before financing your new home.... more
How to Manage Money as a Couple
Starting a life together as a couple requires a discussion about finances and how you will handle joint expenses, even if the conversation can be difficult at times.... more
COVID Has Been a Wakeup Call Regarding the Importance of Wills
The importance of wills and other estate planning documents has been proven during the pandemic, and younger adults have especially taken heed during the past year.... more
Taxation of Long-Term Capital Gains
When selling a taxable investment, whether stock, rental real estate, or fine art, hold the asset for at least a year to qualify for long-term capital gains treatment.... more
How to Handle an Inheritance
If an inheritance is in your near-term future, make sure you have first ascertained your long-term financial needs and goals before spending any of the funds.... more
How to Protect Yourself Against Tax Identity Fraud with Help from...
The Internal Revenue Service has expanded its Identity Protection Pin program to enable you to protect yourself against tax identity fraud.... more
Why You Should File Your Taxes Sooner Rather Than Later
Although federal tax filing deadlines have been extended, and most states have followed suit, filing earlier reduces the risk of tax identity theft and refund fraud.... more
Bad Credit? Why You May Want to Consider a Credit-Builder Loan
For individuals with no credit or bad credit, a loan that acts as a mandatory savings vehicle may be appropriate so long as the monthly payments can be made in a timely manner.... more
Beware of SIM Swapping
Although two-factor authentication with your mobile phone is a common verification practice, beware of criminals illegally obtaining your phone SIM card and your information.... more
Why Women Should Approach Saving for Retirement Differently Than Men during...
Women who are no longer working because of caregiving responsibilities during the pandemic should review their expenses and retirement savings allocations.... more
Steps That Can Help Keep Your Credit Score Higher
Even if you are not using your credit cards much during COVID-19, it is still important for your credit score to pay bills on time and use less of your available credit.... more
Steps to Take to Protect Older Adults against Fraud and Identity...
The increase in online activity during the pandemic has resulted in a corresponding increase in cybercrime, with older adults especially vulnerable.... more
Prenups Aren’t the Only Way to Secure Premarital Assets
Consider an asset protection trust prior to marriage as an alternative to a prenuptial agreement if you have significant assets to protect in the event of a divorce.... more