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Archive of How To Invest and Save Money Articles
The Importance of Debt Management
As the pandemic continues to affect employment and savings, make sure you are choosing and using your credit cards wisely to manage expenses and existing debt.... more
Things to Consider Regarding Student Loans as Federal Relief Comes to...
Whether you have federal or private student loans, the end of the Cares Act relief period and current low interest rates make it a good time to reassess your payment options.... more
If COVID Has You Saving More, Make Sure You Are Doing...
Staying at home during the pandemic has created forced savings, so it is important to know where to find the best return on your money.... more
Why You Need to Step up Your Precautions When Using Mobile...
With the onset of the pandemic and social distancing, it is important to be aware of and take safeguards against the increase in fraud and cyber theft when using mobile banking apps.... more
Important Measures You Should Have in Place Regarding Your Healthcare
The pandemic reminds us how important it is to have healthcare directives in place, such as a healthcare proxy and a living will, in case of a medical emergency.... more
Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Write Your Will
Taking the time to properly write and execute a will ensures your assets will be distributed according to your final wishes, whether you do it yourself, or hire an attorney.... more
Beware of Unemployment Claim Scams –Even if You Aren’t Currently Unemployed
As the pandemic continues, along with continued government financial assistance, watch out for criminal activity involving unemployment insurance payments and your bank account.... more
How to Use Social Security as a Temporary Income Source Before...
During the current coronavirus economic crisis, you may want to consider alternate sources of income, such as a temporary application for early Social Security benefits.... more
How COVID-19 Changes the Way You Can Use Your FSA Contributions
With social distancing and stay-at-home orders affecting spending on childcare and healthcare, the IRS is allowing changes in the amounts set aside for Flexible Spending Accounts.... more
CARES Act Provides Charitable Incentive to Help Charities While Also Helping...
Now is a good time to review your charitable giving and also take advantage of CARES Act changes for both itemizers and non-itemizers that will be effective for 2020 tax returns.... more
Mortgage Relief Options during COVID-19
Temporary mortgage forbearance may be available for some impacted by COVID-19, but it is important to understand all of the details before utilizing this option.... more
The Importance of Educating Teenagers about Online Fraud
The long months at home have increased your teenagers’ time online, and the importance of educating them about social media scams and cybersecurity.... more
How the CARES Act Can Help You
Look to new financial assistance from the government to help you through the COVID-19 crisis, including expansion of unemployment insurance benefits and economic stimulus payments.... more
Unemployment Insurance Is Not Tax Free
Depending on where you live, your unemployment benefits may be subject to both federal and state taxes, but they are still a valuable safety net in the current job environment.... more
Using Credit Wisely During Times of Uncertainty
If the current Covid-19 crisis is impacting your finances, temporary use of your credit cards may be necessary for day-to-day living expenses.... more
How to Approach Your Retirement Investments Amidst a Major Downturn
With the current turbulence in the stock market, continue to invest in your retirement account, but review your portfolio allocation and get professional advice.... more
Options for Your 401(k) Plan When Changing Jobs
When changing employment, be sure to review your 401(k) plan retirement plan options, such as keeping your current plan or opening up a new plan, so as to avoid taxes or penalties.... more
Things to Consider before Combining Finances with a Significant Other
Younger couples are nowadays less likely to combine their finances, but there are both advantages and disadvantages to holding everything jointly, or keeping accounts separate.... more
The Importance of Outlining Your Digital Life for Beneficiaries
Before converting your paper documents to a digital format, make sure they are stored safely and your beneficiaries will have the information necessary to find and access them.... more
Simple Steps to Defend Yourself Against Internet Fraud
As cybercrime becomes more prevalent, it is important to be vigilant in protecting your financial information when opening email links, creating passwords, and paying bills.... more
Why You Should Consider Making Your Child’s Allowance Electronic
You can now teach your children about budgeting, pay their allowances electronically, and help them manage money online with a variety of new apps designed specifically for kids.... more
How Your Home Should Factor in Estate Planning
When planning the disposition of your home, your estate plan should take into account the expectations of your heirs, the terms of your mortgage, and whether to set up a trust.... more