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Archive of How To Invest and Save Money Articles
Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Pay Off Debt or...
Before you think about investing for retirement, first pay down credit card debt, build up a six-month emergency fund, then allocate the minimum to your company’s 401(k) plan.... more
The 411 on Medicare Part A
As you near retirement age, it is important to familiarize yourself with the original Medicare option, Part A, which covers inpatient hospital stays and urgent care.... more
Steps You Should Take Before Applying for Medicare
Medicare costs and services can vary widely depending on the type of Medicare plan and providers you choose, so do your homework before signing up.... more
Things to Know About Enrolling in Medicare
Enrolling in Medicare is an important part of your retirement planning and can be dependent on whether you or your spouse are covered by an employer’s insurance plan.... more
Things to Consider When Determining When to Begin Taking Social Security...
When to retire and take social security is an important personal decision dependent on various factors, including your financial and physical health, and the year you were born.... more
Things to Consider If Moving Is Part of Your Retirement Plan
Keep in mind location, size, proximity to family, healthcare resources, and overall costs if you are thinking about moving after retirement.... more
Self Employed? Consider a Solo 401(k)
If you are self-employed, with no employees other than a spouse, you can contribute to a Solo 401(k) plan, allowing you to defer current income while saving for retirement.... more
The Importance of Proactively Ensuring Your Cybersecurity
Taking proactive steps, such as using stronger passwords and adding two-factor authentication, can pay off in the long run with increased security for your personal information.... more
How to Improve Your Child’s Financial Aid Situation
College is an expensive proposition, so it is important to know the rules and time frames for qualifying and applying for financial aid in order to maximize your child’s amount.... more
Why You Should Consolidate Your Holdings and Periodically Review Beneficiaries
The named beneficiaries on your financial accounts will inherit those accounts at the time of your death, despite what your will states, so a periodic review is important.... more
What to Look for in a Financial Advisor
When choosing a financial advisor, take into account the difference between a registered investment advisor and a wealth manager, the fees charged, and the products offered.... more
What to Think About When Budgeting for a Wedding
The high costs of weddings require careful planning and budgeting, such as considering loans, lower-cost venues, event insurance, and perhaps even longer engagement periods.... more
Make Sure Fees Aren’t Eating Away at Your Retirement Savings
401(K) plans are a great way to save for retirement, but pay attention to the fees that are charged on your managed investment portfolio to ensure they are not excessive.... more
Why You May Want to Think Twice Before Purchasing Long-Term Care...
Despite the longer life-spans and increase in chronic illnesses for older Americans, the high costs of long-term care insurance need to be carefully weighed against the benefits.... more
Simple Ways to Profit from Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to tidy up, review financial papers, throw out unneeded items, and make some money by holding a yard sale or selling items online.... more
Tax Benefits of 529 Savings Plans
State-sponsored 529 Savings plans, offering federal and state income tax benefits, can help parents maximize savings in preparation for paying for their children’s education.... more
The Importance of Continuing to Save for Retirement Even When You’re...
Spousal IRAs permit non-working spouses a way to continue to save and receive tax benefits even when taking a break from employment.... more
How Reverse Mortgages Work
Senior homeowners can defer interest payments and access the equity in their home through these types of mortgages that provide a source of cash after retirement.... more
The Importance of Maintaining a Low Credit Utilization Ratio
The percentage of revolving credit you use can impact your credit score just as much as paying on time, even if you pay all of your balances in full each month.... more
How Taking Inventory of Your Finances Now Can Pay Off in...
Now is the time to review your tax filing situation and make adjustments, such as maximizing your retirement plan contributions, in view of changes enacted at the end of 2017.... more
Be Aware of the Latest Fraud Tactics
The newest cybercrime tactic, used to impersonate the IRS and defraud individuals and organizations, involves using tax transcripts that are infected with malware.... more
Ways to Use Your Credit Cards Wisely
Whether it is building up airline miles or lowering interest rates, choosing and using your credit cards wisely can positively impact your debt management and your credit rating.... more
Why Stay at Home Parents Should Consider Spousal IRAs
Spousal IRAs allow someone who is working to contribute retirement savings on behalf of a non-working spouse, or a spouse whose income is minimal.... more